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MetaTrader 4 is an industry leading trading platform with superior charting, automation, and order execution capabilities. Download MetaTrader 4 and get started.

MetaTrader Tutorial Videos

- Overview of MetaTrader

- Chart Analysis

- Placing Orders
  in MetaTrader 4

- How to Load a Trading
  Robot into MT4

Forex Basics

Download Metatrader 4

Forex Basics

Introduction to Metatrader 4

Forex Basics

Chart Analysis

- Opening a Chart

- Chart Types

- Loading an Indicator

Forex Basics

Placing Orders using MT4

- Opening a Position

- Closing a Position

Forex Basics

How to load an EA

- Downloading an EA

- Loading the EA onto the
  MetaTrader 4 platform

- Applying the EA to Your

- Loading Multiple EAs
  onto MetaTrader 4

Forex Basics

How to Pick an Expert Advisor

- The Cold Hard Statistics
  - Part 1

- The Cold Hard Statistics
  - Part 2

- An Emotional Standpoint

- The Importance of
  Risk Management

Download Metatrader 4

Downloading and Installing MT4

Due to security settings on each individual computer, directions may vary step by step. Please take this into consideration when downloading the MT4.

The MetaTrader 4 platform resides and operates on your local computer. To use MT4, you must go to the website of the broker you are going to trade with, download the MT4 installer, and install the software. Doing this is much easier than it may sound. Let's go to to download and install MT4.

First we go to

Metatrader 4 Education

Click on the Meta Trader 4 box on the upper right part of the screen.

You will be brought to the Traders Choice FX MT4 screen.

Metatrader 4 Education

Enter your name, email and telephone number, then click submit.

Select the top button, "Download Meta Trader 4 Demo Account."

Metatrader 4 Education

You will be asked to save the file. Save it to your desktop.

Metatrader 4 Education Metatrader 4 Education

At this point you have downloaded and saved the MT4 installer. Double click it to install the software on your machine. Next >

Metatrader 4 Education   Metatrader 4 Education