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Forex Basics

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Forex Basics

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Forex Basics

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Forex Basics

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Forex Basics

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How to load an EA

Loading the EA onto the MetaTrader 4 Platform

Before you complete the steps below you must have the MetaTrader 4 platform closed.

In order to load your EA onto the MetaTrader 4 platform you will need to move the file into the experts folder under "Metatrader 4" in your program files. Below we will show you how to do this step by step.

You can access this folder by using the following commands:

1. Click the "Start menu" in the bottom left hand corner of your PC or
    VPS desktop.

2. Click "All Programs" while in the start-up menu to show a list of all
    program downloaded to your PC or VPS.

3. Select the "MetaTrader 4" program file to view its contents.

4. Open the folder labeled "experts"
    NOTE: If this folder does not appear, select the "Journals" folder to
    access the "experts" folder.

With the MT4 "Experts" folder open on your desktop, re-open the folder in which you saved your Expert Advisor and put them side by side. It should look similar to the image blow.

Metatrader 4 Education

In order to get the Expert Advisor that you downloaded into the "experts" folder within the MetaTrader 4 program file, you can use one of two methods:

Drag and drop the EA from the new folder into the body of the
   "experts" folder. (Keep in mind that this will move the EA so you will not
   have a copy in the folder you created)


Right click the new EA and select "Copy" then click within the body of the
   "experts" folder and right click "Paste"

NOTE: If Windows prompts you with any pop-ups when you drag and drop, simply click "Continue"

Close both folders and open your MetaTrader 4 platform software.

Once you complete the steps above, your new EA will be loaded onto your MT4 platform. Use the following directions (Part 3) to put your EA to work for you.

Updating Data
Your EA will run on the time frame chart which you load it on.

One thing to pay attention to before loading the EA for live trading is that you have the data updated on your charts.

Typically the expert advisor will be basing its entry and exit signals from the historical data on your charts. (keep in mind historical data is never an indication of future price). But you need to make sure that you historical data is updated on the chart for this purpose

Before you add the EA to your chart for the forex pair that you want to execute it on click on each periodicity bar time frame. You will see the waiting for update on your screen for a few seconds once this goes away the chart is updated and you can add your EA.

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